Signs & Symptoms

Autism’s core symptoms accompany a constellation of subtle signs that scientists are just beginning to unmask.


Rare autism mutations linked to low intelligence

by  /  20 October 2017
People with autism who have rare, damaging mutations tend to have low scores on intelligence tests.

Second ‘hits’ may explain autism mutations’ varied effects

by  /  19 October 2017
People who have a mutation linked to autism plus a second genetic glitch tend to have more severe symptoms than those with the mutation alone.
Features / Deep Dive

Why children with ‘severe autism’ are overlooked by science

by  /  18 October 2017
Children with ‘severe autism’ are the most in need of help, yet the most overlooked in research. A new initiative is making them the primary focus.
October 2017

Late birth linked to risk of autism with intellectual disability

by  /  18 October 2017

Children with autism who were born late tend to also have intellectual disability.

Features / Webinars

Webinar: James McPartland discusses biomarkers for autism

31 January 2018

Reserve your spot for this webinar. Register now.

Opinion / Viewpoint

Divided autism community bonds over need to study sleep

by  /  17 October 2017

Autism researchers and funding agencies should turn their attention to sleep in autism — and its many connections to health, mood and behavior.

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News / Toolbox

Repository ties mutations to traits in Phelan-McDermid syndrome

by  /  13 October 2017

A new database details the genetic mutations associated with Phelan-McDermid syndrome, along with the behavioral outcomes of people with those mutations.

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Two drugs ease features of autism syndromes in mice

by  /  11 October 2017

Drugs that block certain brain enzymes could help treat two conditions associated with autism.

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Researchers rally to save monkeys on hurricane-ravaged island

by  /  5 October 2017

Hurricane Maria pummeled Cayo Santiago, home to more than 1,500 rhesus macaques, including some used for autism research.

Opinion / Q&A

‘Tone’ of phrase may differ in autism, but meaning is clear

by  /  3 October 2017

Adults who have autism speak with unusual emphases and tone, but their speech still conveys the intended emotions.

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September 2017

Distinct changes mark brains of people with mutations tied to autism

by  /  27 September 2017

Deletion of 16p11.2, a chromosomal region linked to autism, leads to the enlargement of certain brain structures, whereas duplication of the same region leads to structures that are unusually small.

Opinion / Columnists / Being well

Suicidal tendencies hard to spot in some people with autism

by  /  26 September 2017

To effectively screen for suicidality in people with autism, we need to learn how to ask questions that lead to real answers.


Brain, behavior distinguish autism from language delay

by  /  25 September 2017

Babies with autism show behavioral and brain features that differ from those of babies with language delay.


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