From parental age to infection during pregnancy, environmental elements can influence autism risk.

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Troublesome tics: Children who are deprived of sensory stimulation often resort to self-stimulation in the form of repetitive behaviors.Photographs courtesy of Michael Carrol

Romanian orphans reveal clues to origins of autism

by  /  25 April 2017
Understanding autism features in children who were deprived of social contact as infants could offer clues to the condition.
Risk assessment: The risk of autism associated with antidepressants, if it exists, is small.Pressmaster / Shutterstock

Trio of studies cast doubt on link between autism, antidepressants

by  /  18 April 2017
Increased autism risk among children exposed to antidepressants in utero may be related less to the medications than to the mothers’ depression.
Difficult spot: Babies in the breech position at birth are at increased risk of autism.David Parker / Science Source

Difficulties with pregnancy, labor may raise child’s autism risk

by  /  23 March 2017
A large study finds that certain health complications during pregnancy or delivery increase the chances of having a child with autism by 26 percent or more.
March 2017
Illustration by Michela Buttignol

‘Triple-hit’ study may help explain autism’s male bias

by  /  20 March 2017

The absence of an autism-linked gene, combined with exposure to a mock infection, produces social deficits in mice — but only in males.

February 2017
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This is a story of autism in small-town America

by  /  1 February 2017

Rural living can be wonderful: community, friendly faces, a slower pace of life. But when there’s autism in the family, it can be tough.

January 2017
Air supply: Some newborns exposed to their own feces in the womb require oxygen and intravenous fluids. Reynardt / iStock

Exposure to feces in womb tied to autism risk

by  /  16 January 2017

Babies who have their first bowel movement before birth have a slightly increased risk of autism, according to a study of nearly 10 million people.

Yarek Waszul / ispot
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Questions for Daphna Joel: Brain sex differences may be mirage

by  /  3 January 2017

Instead of simply listing sex differences in the brain, researchers should consider how sex interacts with other factors to affect the brain, Joel says.

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December 2016
Sure shot: Getting a flu vaccine while pregnant may not increase autism risk in the child.
JackF  / iStock

Autism’s link to flu during pregnancy may be a fluke

by  /  19 December 2016

Women who come down with influenza while pregnant are no more likely than those without the infection to have a child with autism.

November 2016
Pregnant woman on scale

Maternal obesity, genetics may cooperate to up autism risk

by  /  24 November 2016

Women who are overweight or obese when pregnant increase their risk of having a child who is later diagnosed with autism by about 30 percent.

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Immune index: A combination of genetic susceptibility and exposure to mock infection may increase autism risk.Russell Kightley / SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY

Genes, immune exposure collude to up autism risk

by  /  17 November 2016

The interplay between a mouse’s immune system and certain mutations in her pups may increase autism-like features in the pups.

Rough and tumble: After exposure to pesticides, female rats shy away from play.  
© niderlander /

Autism-like behaviors crop up in pesticide-exposed rats

by  /  15 November 2016

Female rats exposed to the pesticide chlorpyrifos show little interest in social interaction.

chart of seasonal rates

Autism rates highest among babies conceived in winter

by  /  10 November 2016

Exposure to influenza and a lack of sunlight may drive the increased risk of autism.

October 2016
Age effect:  Having young parents lowers a child’s risk of autism.Hero Images / Getty Images

Parental age has different impact on autism, schizophrenia

by  /  31 October 2016

Children born to parents who are 35 or older are at an increased risk of autism; for schizophrenia, the increased risk is limited to those born to mothers in their teens or early 20s.

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