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February 2017
Seeing eye to eye: A camera embedded in a pair of eyeglasses could allow researchers to track a child’s gaze outside of a lab or clinic.
News / Toolbox

Wearable camera captures eye contact in children with autism

by  /  24 February 2017

A camera embedded in a pair of eyeglasses can reliably gauge a child’s tendency to look another person in the eye.

Fixed focus: Problems with taking another person’s perspective may underlie social difficulties in autism.
Martin Barraud / Getty Images

Brain hiccup may explain some social problems in autism

by  /  20 February 2017

People with autism show an atypical pattern of brain activity when trying to adopt another person’s point of view.

Early days: Parents are best suited to spot signs of autism in infants, such as whether the baby babbles in response to others.  Insung Jeon / Getty Images

Survey for parents could flag autism in infants

by  /  13 February 2017

Asking parents to fill out a questionnaire about their babies’ early skills could help clinicians spot signs of autism.

Spotting signs: Parents and clinicians may be more likely to notice autism features in girls who act out. Annie Otzen / Getty Images

Temper tantrums up odds of autism diagnosis in girls

by  /  9 February 2017

Girls who show severe emotional or behavioral problems are more likely to be diagnosed with autism than those who do not.

January 2017
Illustration by Bee Johnson
Opinion / Viewpoint

Imaging of social brain enters real world

by ,  /  31 January 2017

Studies of social-brain function are moving out of scanners and into realistic settings.

Features / Webinars

Webinar: Geoff Bird explores overlap between autism, alexithymia

1 March 2017

Reserve your spot for this webinar. Register now.

Illustration by Pep Boatella
Opinion / Columnists / Life Science

Technology can curb social exclusion of children with autism

by  /  10 January 2017

Apps, robots and brain imaging can help children with autism improve their social skills and connect with other people.

Brain barrier: A mutation linked to autism prevents essential amino acids from entering the brain.

Rare form of autism linked to lack of key nutrient

by  /  5 January 2017

A mutation that prevents some amino acids, the building blocks of proteins, from entering the brain may lead to autism.

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December 2016
Sigourney Weaver in “Snow Cake.” ©IFC Films / Courtesy Everett Collection
Features / Special Reports / 2016: Year in review

The best depictions of autism in the arts

26 December 2016

The books, shows and movies that most accurately portray autism are those that don’t dwell on the condition.

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Illustrations by Bee Johnson
Features / Special Reports / 2016: Year in review

From temperature to toys, strange stimuli skew rodent results

26 December 2016

Interpreting mouse and rat behavior is tricky because of the hidden factors that can influence experiments.


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