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March 2017
Visual vocabulary: In a test of verbal ability, children point to a picture that represents a word.
 Amy Boelé
News / Toolbox

Test paints quick picture of intelligence in autism

by  /  24 March 2017

A picture-based test is a fast and flexible way to assess intelligence in large studies of people with autism.

Week of MarchMar
News / Spotted

Celebrating women; transplant trouble; amazing images

by  /  10 March 2017

Scientists recognize women’s contributions, ‘autism’ can be a strike against a person awaiting organ transplant, and stunning science snapshots show cells, squid and sections of the brain.

February 2017
Courtesy Everett Collection
Opinion / Viewpoint

Animated sidekick connects parents to children with autism

by  /  21 February 2017

In a new type of therapy for autism, parents talk or type into their phone or computer, and their words emerge in the voice of an animated character.

January 2017
Moving target: Brain waves known as beta oscillations reflect brain activity that controls body movements and may signal telltale changes in DNA.AJPhoto / Science Source

Brain-wave patterns distinguish dup15q syndrome

by  /  13 January 2017

Children with an extra copy of the 15q11-13 chromosomal region, the second most common genetic abnormality in people with autism, have unusually strong brain waves called beta oscillations. The preliminary findings, presented Friday at the Dup15q Alliance Scientific Meeting in Orlando, Florida, suggest that beta oscillations could distinguish children with dup15q syndrome from those with other forms of autism.

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Week of JanuaryJan
News / Spotted

Trumping science; Brexit blowback; baby brains

by  /  13 January 2017

Donald Trump seems to see science through the lens of conspiracy, Brexit may spur an exodus of scientific talent from the United Kingdom, and preterm babies show atypical brain activity before birth.

Brain barrier: A mutation linked to autism prevents essential amino acids from entering the brain.

Rare form of autism linked to lack of key nutrient

by  /  5 January 2017

A mutation that prevents some amino acids, the building blocks of proteins, from entering the brain may lead to autism.

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Injury-prone:   Children whose mothers lack a college degree are at heightened risk of self-harm.Kris Seraphin / Millennium Images, UK

Large study shows self-injury common among children with autism

by  /  4 January 2017

About one in four children with autism hit, scratch or otherwise hurt themselves, suggests an analysis of school and medical records for more than 8,000 children.

December 2016
Illustration by Jun Cen
Opinion / Viewpoint

A call to scientists to develop communication tools for autism

by  /  20 December 2016

People with autism who speak few or no words need tools that can help them communicate. Scientists could make this happen.

November 2016
In sync: Scientists taught parents to be more responsive to their children with autism. Hero Images / Getty Images

Parent training may lead to lasting gains in autism features

by  /  21 November 2016

Teaching parents of toddlers with autism how to respond to their children may result in long-term improvements in these children’s autism features.

Monkey muddle: Wireless microphones are helping scientists sort out the calls of different monkeys in a cage.

Monkey mics may solve communication mysteries

by  /  16 November 2016

Tiny monkeys sporting even tinier backpacks are helping scientists understand the nuances of language and social behavior.


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