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September 2017
Week of SeptemberSep
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Face learning; mosaic inheritance; nosy scientists and more

by  /  8 September 2017

A monkey study suggests facial recognition is not innate, a puzzle piece symbol carries negative connotations, and scientists are using a federal law to snoop on colleagues.

November 2016

Brain scans sniff out root of unusual sense of smell in autism

by  /  14 November 2016

People with autism who are acutely sensitive to smells have unusually weak connections between a brain region that processes social stimuli and one that integrates sensory information.

May 2016

Brain signature characterizes boys with autism

by  /  19 May 2016

Activity in the social brain circuit can distinguish a boy who has autism from a typically developing boy with 76 percent accuracy.

February 2016

Brain’s social ‘river’ carries clues about autism

by  /  29 February 2016

Researchers are homing in on the superior temporal sulcus, a groove in the brain that collects social information, as a key player in autism.

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January 2016
Week of JanuaryJan
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CRISPR chronicles; microbiome muddle; love on the spectrum

by  /  15 January 2016

The fight over who holds the rights to CRISPR is heating up, we control our gut bacteria, and romance isn’t always easy when you have autism.

October 2015

Brain’s face detector lights up questions about autism’s origins

by  /  15 October 2015

Lower activity in a key face processing region of the brain hints that people with autism could benefit from training to become ‘face experts.’

December 2013

Study seeks autism biomarkers in brain-imaging database

by  /  9 December 2013

A large, multisite dataset of brain scans identifies autism with 60 percent accuracy, much lower than the numbers cited by single-site studies. The study, published 25 September in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, highlights the vast differences in equipment, quality and methods across sites.

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June 2013

Cognition and behavior: Autism traits predict connectivity

by  /  14 June 2013

People who show strong autism traits tend to have weak connections between an area of the brain involved in introspection and social memories and other brain regions, according to a study published 5 April in PLoS One.

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Imaging reveals more folds, thicker cortex in autism brains

by  /  13 June 2013

The brains of people with autism are structurally different from those of controls, with more folds and a thicker cortex in certain regions, according to two studies published in the past few months.

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May 2013

Behavioral therapy normalizes activity in autism brains

by  /  2 May 2013

Pivotal response training, a form of behavioral therapy for autism, alters brain activity in children with the disorder, normalizing it in some regions and triggering compensatory activity in others, according to a small study. The unpublished results were presented Wednesday at the International Meeting for Autism Research in San Sebastián, Spain.

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