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Wearable camera captures eye contact in children with autism

by  /  24 February 2017

A camera embedded in a pair of eyeglasses can reliably gauge a child’s tendency to look another person in the eye.

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Deep brains: The thickness of a number of brain areas distinguishes women with autism from those without the condition.

Brains of women with autism may sport male features

by  /  23 February 2017
The brains of some women with autism more closely resemble those of typical men than those of typical women.
Crowd control:  Nearly 4 percent of people carry at least one genetic variant tied to a serious medical condition.brainmaster / Getty Images

Many people with harmful genetic variants show no ill effects

by  /  22 February 2017
Most adults with genetic variants tied to certain conditions, such as heart disease or cancer, go undiagnosed.
Fixed focus: Problems with taking another person’s perspective may underlie social difficulties in autism.
Martin Barraud / Getty Images

Brain hiccup may explain some social problems in autism

by  /  20 February 2017
People with autism show an atypical pattern of brain activity when trying to adopt another person’s point of view.

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Pupil progress: Pupil responses to light may change with age in typically developing children but not in children with autism.

Peter Kotoff / shutterstock

Delayed pupil response to light may be early sign of autism

by  /  24 February 2017

The pupils of preschoolers with autism are slow to constrict in response to light, a phenomenon that may serve as an early marker of autism risk.

Doctors Farooq Habib, left, and Muhammad Tauseef share an office at Los Barrios Unidos Community Clinic in Dallas, Texas. They're both from Pakistan and have worked as pediatricians in medically underserved areas in the United States. 
Photo by Lauren Silverman / KERA

U.S. travel ban threatens to worsen nation’s doctor shortage

by ,  /  22 February 2017

The U.S. medical system depends on doctors from other countries, who often work in areas in desperate need of providers.

Former Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Robert Califf spoke at a news conference at in Washington, D.C., in May to announce new regulation extending the agency's authority to all tobacco products, including e-cigarettes.Andrew Harnik / AP Photo

Former head of FDA concerned about faster drug approvals

by , ,  /  22 February 2017

Robert Califf, the just-departed commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, offers his take on the Trump administration’s plans to speed up drug approvals and dramatically reduce regulations at the agency.

Treat pursuit: Rats with a mutation in the SHANK2 gene press a lever for a reward about a hundred times more than controls before giving up.Dmitry Maslov / Getty Images

Rats with mutant SHANK genes show autism-like behaviors

by  /  16 February 2017

Researchers have engineered two new rats with mutations in a family of genes that function at neuronal junctions, they reported today at the 2014 International Meeting for Autism Research in Atlanta.

Blue zones: Surface area measurements (blue) in certain areas of the brains of 6-month-old babies can distinguish children with autism from those without the condition.

Rapid brain growth in infancy may signal autism

by  /  15 February 2017

The faster the brains of children with autism grow in their first year of life, the more severe their autism features are likely to be at age 2.

Data visualization by Infomen

International effort expands list of genes tied to autism

by  /  15 February 2017

A massive sequencing study spanning seven countries links 38 new genes to autism and developmental delay.

Tom Williams / AP Images

New health secretary could dramatically change U.S. health policy

by ,  /  13 February 2017

The new Health and Human Services secretary could quickly change the course of health policy in the United States, affecting everything from women’s healthcare to tobacco regulation.

Early days: Parents are best suited to spot signs of autism in infants, such as whether the baby babbles in response to others.  Insung Jeon / Getty Images

Survey for parents could flag autism in infants

by  /  13 February 2017

Asking parents to fill out a questionnaire about their babies’ early skills could help clinicians spot signs of autism.

Health and Human Services Secretary-designate, Rep. Tom Price, R-Ga., testifying on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., 24 January 2017, at his confirmation hearing before the Senate Finance Committee.  Andrew Harnik / AP Photo

Trading controversy dogs health secretary nominee Tom Price

by , ,  /  9 February 2017

U.S. Health and Human Services secretary nominee Tom Price showed little restraint in his personal stock trading, despite the fact that a House committee he was on was under investigation.

Spotting signs: Parents and clinicians may be more likely to notice autism features in girls who act out. Annie Otzen / Getty Images

Temper tantrums up odds of autism diagnosis in girls

by  /  9 February 2017

Girls who show severe emotional or behavioral problems are more likely to be diagnosed with autism than those who do not.

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