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Webinar: Mayada Elsabbagh discusses autism research on global stage

28 February 2018
The Presenter

Mayada Elsabbagh

Assistant Professor, McGill University in Montreal

Here’s how Elsabbagh describes what she will talk about in this webinar:

Global autism research offers a unique opportunity. The neurobiological substrates of autism are likely to be common across people, and thus the ‘true’ nature of autism is likely to become clear once we study the condition across diverse genetic pools, environments and cultural traditions.

In this webinar, I will present on recent advances in autism research across international settings. Adapting autism research to distinct cultural contexts offers a valuable opportunity to strengthen the scientific evidence for the roots and core features of autism. It also may inspire new directions for diagnosing and managing neurodevelopmental conditions that draw on the strengths of a community.

Press Policy
The Spectrum Webinar Series aims to facilitate the free exchange of ideas among autism researchers, including discussion of published and unpublished research, hypotheses and results. Members of the press may report information presented during a Spectrum webinar only if that material has already been published elsewhere or they have first obtained express written consent from the presenter.

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Presentations by leading experts that showcase new findings, useful techniques and emerging topics in autism research. We invite questions before and during the presentations in the Comments section.

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