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Columnist Cariacture

Valerie Paradiz:
Home truths

Perspectives of a woman and mother with autism.

March 2016
Opinion / Columnists / Home truths

Tech tools help parents, teachers overcome autism’s hurdles

by  /  29 March 2016

Web-based courses and online counseling can help families and service providers better understand the needs of individuals on the spectrum.

December 2015
Opinion / Columnists / Home truths

New programs let adults with autism find meaningful work

by  /  22 December 2015

Employment is a crucial part of independent adult life, but many with autism struggle to find it.

October 2015
Opinion / Columnists / Home truths

Mother-son duo with autism bond through their differences

by  /  19 October 2015

It took me a while to see that my son had autism. Only then did I recognize the autism in myself.

1 Comment
August 2015
Opinion / Columnists / Home truths

Young adults with autism flounder in face of service gaps

by  /  11 August 2015

A dearth of job-training programs and other services means that many young adults with autism struggle to lead productive, independent lives, suggests a national report. 


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